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Meet Shane

Shane Woods is the founder and principal consultant for brainSTEM consultants. With a deep, rich career in K-12 STEM education, Shane is uniquely positioned to advance the STEM education efforts of PK-12 school systems, education-adjacent non-profits, higher education, and industry.  She is a leader in the field that has amassed countless professional honors for her contribution to STEM education at the local, state, and national levels.

Shane's Story

Shane Woods began her career as a middle school science teacher in the Fort Worth Independent School District. In her 17 years with the district, Shane was able to make her mark in every position she held from department chair to leading the entire district as the K-12 Science Director overseeing curriculum and assessment development while supporting teachers in honing their skills. Upon leaving public education, Shane served as the Senior Director of the STEM Center of Excellence, which is a 92-acre living laboratory where kids of all ages can explore and develop their competence and confidence in science, technology, engineering and math. 


In her newest role, Shane serves as the Executive Director for Girlstart, a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas which focuses on empowering girls in STEM. She remains active in the K-12 science education community as a highly-sought after leader, mentor, speaker and advocate. She has made appearances on several podcasts such as Quietly Visible and enjoys speaking on  conference panels. As a communicator who immediately establishes a rapport with those in attendance, Shane can speak to any size group with her humor and brilliance.

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